(Images are for illustration only and do not necessarily represent all the sounds in any one track)

Track 1: Darbuka - bass darbuka accompaniment, reqq (Egyptian tambourine) finger cymbals

Track 2: Tabla - dadra tala (6 matras) tamboura accompaniment

Track 3: Brazilian samba - cuica, pandeiro, tamborim, agogo bell, cuica accompaniment, surdo (large tom-tom)

Track 4: Slow samba - cuica solo, pandeiro, wooden agogo, triangle, caixa (snare drum) surdo

Track 5: Berimbau

Track 6: Cuban - conga drum solo (quinto) bongo, conga drums, cowbell, shaker, paila (rhythm on the side of the conga drum)

Track 7: Cuban - timbale solo

Track 8: Cuban - bongo solo  

Track 9: Cuban - Nanigo (6/8) rhythm, conga drum solo, conga drums and tumbadora (bass rhythm) cowbell, metal guiro, shekere, quijada (jawbone)

Track 10: Waterphone

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