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I have assembled a group of photographs for my family, friends and colleagues wherever they may be. C.K.

The Embers Band

American guests, vocalist, Barbara Virgil, bassist, Carl Brown Jnr, pianist, Wilmus Reeves, saxophonists, Frank Thornton and Frank Smith,

Melbourne 1959

The Oscar Peterson Trio

Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen. Listening to the group each night was a fabulous and very rewarding experience.



Melbourne 1960

Billy Eckstine

Mr.B. appeared at The Embers with his long time Musical Director, pianist Bobby Tucker, Australian bassist Ivan Videky.

The Embers, 1960

The 3-Out Jazz Trio

Pianist, Mike Nock, bassist, Freddy Logan. This photograph was taken for the first International Jazz Festival program.

Sydney 1960

The 3-Out Trio

Performing at Lee Gordon's Club "The Primitif"

Sydney 1960

Touring Holland with Mike Nock

Not long after our arrival in England of the 3-Out, we decided to visit Freddy's hometown in Holland 1961

Working in Rome

With bassist, Rick Laird.

Shortly after Rome, we were also invited to tour Germany with jazz vocal group "L.H & R". These concerts would be Annie's last performances before her departure. 1962

The Dudley Moore Trio

With Pete McGurk and Interviewer, Daniel Farson.

Taken for a Rediffusion T.V. programme in

London 1964

The Roy Budd Trio

With Tony Archer.

I first met Roy in 1965, and have always been associated with his jazz trio and film career up until his untimely passing in 1993. London 1966

Pete McGurk

Taken with our original Bassist with the Dudley MooreTrio. London 1967

Dave Holland

Once a member of The Roy Budd Trio.

This was the year when Dave was invited to join Miles Davis. Newport, Wales 1968

Chris Karan

Music for Pleasure album "Curried Jazz".

Also featured trumpeter Kenny Wheeler.

London 1969

Roy Budd Trio

with Pete Morgan and Chris Karan, London 1970

Dudley Moore

At a Yamaha drums promotional day.

London 1971


Taken on "The Michael Parkinson Show", with Mike and bandleader, organist, Harry Stoneham.

BBC London 1977

The Dudley Moore Trio

Appearing at a chateau in France for an American motor launch, with Pete Morgan.


The Dudley Moore Trio

The same appearance, with Peter Cook, and our French hosts.

Apart from the music, working with Pete 'n' Dud for a week was absolutely hilarious!

‘The Mike Parkinson’ Harry Stoneham Quintet:

Peter Hughes, sax; Pete Morgan, bass; Dick Abell, guitar; Harry Stoneham, piano;

Chris Karan, drums. BBC London 1979

The Michael Parkinson Show

Bandleader, Harry Stoneham, had an opportunity to present his own Big Band Show with guests during the series, which also featured the individual members of the quintet.

BBC London 1980

Australia House

Baritone saxophonist, Greg Gibson from the Australian High Commission, UK guitarist Denny Wright, New Zealanders, vocalist Joy Yates and pianist Dave MacRae, bassist Barry Dillon and violinist Don Harper. We were booked as ex-pats for a private function at Oz House.

London 1981


In 1982 I was asked to endorse Zildjian Cymbals. They were always my first choice regardless - they're just "Simply the best."



Bassist John Richards, guitarist Colin Green, harpist Julie Allis.

This is really a fine and unique group encompassing many forms of music.

London 1985.

Blue Note Revisited

Trombonist Chris Pyne, saxophonist Stan Sulzmann, pianist John Pearce, bassist Pete Morgan.

BBC Jazz Broadcast.

London 1986

The Dudley Moore Trio

This was the last photograph taken of the trio at a private function during the 1992 UK tour. I met Dudley many years ago and have had some unforgettable times on and off the bandstand.

The many memories I have of him will remain very special and will continue to be so for many years to come. He was not only a loveable person but also an extraordinarily gifted one. He will always be missed.

London 1992

On the road in Turkey

With amigo' guitarist, Juan Martin

Turkey. October 2002

Raquel de Luna

Flamenco Dancer.

Turkey October 2002

Abdul Salam Kheir

Oud (Arabic Lute) and vocalist.

Turkey October 2002

''Musica Alhambra''

Taken at the ''Eskisehir International Music Festival''

Juan Martin, Raquel de Luna, CK, Abdul Salam Kheir ''Tigrie'' Paul Fawcus

Turkey, October 2002

''Musica Alhambra'' 2

Juan Martin, Louai Alhenawi, CK, Abdul Salam Kheir, Paul Fawcus

May 24th Purcell Room London 2013 

Home, London ​2019

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