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A Piano Prodigy from the age of three, Jazz was Roy Budd’s first love. From that age, when he was already tapping ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’ with one finger, the piano effortlessly remained his favourite instrument.

A celebrated virtuoso of the flamenco guitar who has been voted into the top three guitarists in the world by US magazine Guitar Player, Juan Martín is a native of Andalucía, where he still has a home in Málaga. He spends much time on tour and in London where he has formed an international company, Flamencovision, for the promotion of high quality flamenco which he rehearses and brings direct from Andalucía...

Where does one even begin to write about the amazing multi-talented Mr Dudley Moore, comedian, actor, writer, musician, composer and arranger? To try and cover the whole of his varied career on one website would be an enormous task, far too immense to contemplate, and one which would, I feel, fail in giving the subject the absolute justice that it deserves...

Welcome to the official Dudley Moore website. Dudley started this website in 2000, and Martine Avenue Productions, Inc., the company Dudley co-founded, is proud to continue this website in his memory. We are excited to bring you a remarkable new CD--Dudley Down Under--unabridged, the Dudley Moore Trio's May 2, 1978 Sydney Town Hall concert. This two CD-set is presented for the first time ever. Nearly two hours in length, the concert includes Dudley's originals, jazz standards, Dudley's musical parodies, and his comments introducing many of the numbers, with the wit and humour his audiences loved so much.

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